Part Two: I’m Still A Bloody Mess

This is like ten seconds after I posted my first post on this seemingly irrelevant blog or what ever they’re called now a days, I would like to add that the name of this dumb website is named after a book. Yes I read. I know, shocker right. I read the book because this girl in my school told me about it and mentioned that our last names are the same and that we both have sky. I know amazing right.

Also NEVER CALL MY SKY. I DON’T KNOW YOU. WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF I STARTED GIVING YOU A RANDOM NAME? EVEN IF YOU WOULD, I DON’T STOP IT. But if you know if you would like to go a head and do that. I guess. If you want to.

Also does sarcasm or any kind of humour come across on this soppy website? I’m literally not even sure of what I’m doing. I’m being dead serious when I say all of this and am just concerned about it for futures sake. Jesus Christ. Get off my back.


Findilo – a word that I currently have no definition for that apparently I made up.

Also more cute pictures of pigs. Because why not?

I Am A Bloody Mess

Oh My God. How screwed up am I? I have no clue what I’m doing and I have suddenly come accustomed to having midlife crisis’s every two bleeding seconds. I see absolutely no point in even starting this bloody blog and will most likely give up on it in the next two months, who knows if I’ll even remember it tomorrow. It’s nearly eleven and I’m freakin tired. I have to go to school tomorrow and try not to have oh so many possible break downs, do you do this?

I am way to busy trying not to die to even pretend to care what your doing – Skylar Walker.

Image result for pigs with flowers on them

I found these really cute images of pigs and decided to put them on here because I can. You know.